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Well here it is. The culmination of a semester of work. The entire process is completely and utterly done.

This is how I feel!!!!
This is how I feel!!!!


The writing of the portfolio was an interesting process as I had to reflect on the entire process of me as a writer. And so far I am pretty happy with the results. However, there are a few things I know I would like to work on:

For one, if I do video again, which I fully plan on doing, I know I need to start working from a script. It makes the presentation cleaner and I do feel as though it is helpful when it comes to keeping your thoughts organized. It also probably severely brings down the time of the editing process as you are not editing out as many mistakes.

I also want to continue to write stories the way I wrote my re-purposing project. This project was probably the most enjoyable piece of writing I have done, as it allowed me to not only reflect on the history of something that I love but to really hone in and find the story that is presented there. The story is honestly what makes writing sports pieces so fun for me.

Lastly, I hope that the theme of my blog is easy to follow. I want the world to know I am attempting to become a sports writer, which is something that I have not yet fully mastered. However, this was a real attempt to try and throw my hand in at sports writing while reflecting on my writing in general. I hope that the presentation came across the way I was planning.

Without further ado, I present:


Clarence Stone

A sports fanatic from Detroit Michigan. The moment I put a pencil to paper, I realized that writing was something that I cared about, and I can't wait to become better.

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