My ePortfolio – The final piece of the puzzle.

After roughly 3 and a half months of classes, we’ve finally reached the end (for this semester anyways). 3 projects later and we’ve finally reached the culmination of all of our hard work, the ePortfolio.

The most satisfying part of the ePortfolio process was seeing all of my work in one place. As the semester was progressing, it was easy to forget about a project like the Why I Write essay while working on the Repurposing or Remediation projects. Seeing all of my work from the semester on the same page gave me a great perspective on how far I have come during the class. The project that I am the most proud of was the Remediation project. It caused a lot of headaches and tired fingers, and I don’t necessarily think that it turned out as well as I had envisioned, but that’s the reason I am the most proud of it. A typical essay, while by no means easy, doesn’t take nearly the effort that I put into making my podcast.

When it comes to what was frustrating about making my ePortfolio, can I say everything? All kidding aside, I had many bouts of frustration with the technical aspects of creating the ePortfolio. Not being able to have any text appear when hovering the mouse over an image is one of the issues that gave me the biggest headaches, but even things such as formatting the text and moving elements around on a page caused issues. I could honestly tweak and adjust my ePortfolio forever, changing subtle things like font sizes and the spacing between elements, but the only thing I see myself realistically continuing to work on is making my ePortfolio mobile friendly. With phone technologies increasing in leaps and bounds, I would like my ePortfolio to be accessed on a mobile device, and look good while doing it.

While making the hundreds of minute decisions that went into my ePortfolio, like text color and hyperlinks, I forgot to take a step back and think about the theme of my ePortfolio. I first noticed that I had neglected that fact when Brie pointed it out to me during the screencast activity. I got so caught up in the details that I forgot I needed my ePortfolio to portray a message to my audience, as well as be a showcase for my various works. Brie also suggested that I needed to expand on why I chose a hockey rink for my background, and I think that I was able to appropriately address that in my opening statement.

I certainly plan on continuing to add to the ePortfolio as I continue on through the minor. I may not keep up on the blog posts or reflective texts, but I plan on uploading new pieces of writing, keeping the ePortfolio up to date so that I can continue to share it with family, friends, or potential employers.

Congrats to everyone on finishing up a rousing semester in the gateway course, and I hope to see you guys in future writing classes.

Quinn Skalka

Junior studying EEB and writing. Originally from Battle Creek, the cereal capital of the world. Chicago sports fan. Enjoy longboarding, ultimate frisbee, and reading Sci-Fi/Fantasy series.

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  1. Hey Quinn. Your ePortfolio looks awesome. I agree that one of the best things about this whole process was finally seeing all of the work we have done come to fruition. It has been great being able to work with you and I hope we get to work together again in the future.

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