Nobody Really Knows How To Write: A Bold Proclamation

My bold proclamation about writing is that nobody really knows how to write.

You may be thinking to yourself, “that’s a lie! I write every day, so clearly I know how. You wrote these words I’m reading, so clearly you know how too. Millions of people write every day in essays, books, blogs, and even notebooks, so it seems that everyone knows how.”

While its true that almost everyone writes and thus has the ability to put words down in succession, I don’t believe that anyone¬†knows “how”. And by “how”, I mean the method one uses in order to get those words on the page.

We take writing classes and complete assignments in pursuit of learning “how” to write. Nevertheless, there is no consensus on what this “how” is. And nobody has been able to explain what I should do when I’m stuck or what the rules are when I’m not.

I recently attended a live interview with a fairly accomplished author and teacher of writing who herself said that she has no method for writing, no steps to take. She couldn’t describe exactly how she writes in any real or concrete way.

If someone like that doesn’t know the “how,” how could mere students know? Let alone those who’ve never taken a writing class.

Nobody really knows how to write. We’re all stabbing blindly in the dark.

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