Peer Review Is Awesome

Greetings future MIW gateway course takers. I once was in your shoes and I’ve reached the other side. ‘Tis magnificent.

Here is my piece of advice to you. Take advantage of your peers. Your classmates have invaluable wisdom to share and they have brilliant minds. One of my favorite things about this class was the community that formed. I looked to my classmates for feedback on every project, even when it wasn’t officially required.

Trust me, feedback is good. My classmates told me when my E-Portfolio needed some redesigning and gave me confidence when I ended my first project in a daring way. They helped me bounce ideas back and forth in a way that someone who’s not in the class cannot.

Also, and you’ll hear this a lot, think long and hard about your project 2 topic. Yes you will indeed spend most of the semester working with it. Make sure it’s something that you can stay interested in and that you feel there is more to talk about on that subject.


Get excited.
Get excited.

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