Reflections to the ePortfolio

When you first enter my profile, you will see my name in big letters and my professional headshot.  My goal for this is for the readers to see that and think I am professional writer. It also gives the audience a larger sense of who I am and feel like they can connect to me a little bit more. Having the image of my face linger throughout the audience’s mind can also make them understand my writing, perhaps, a little bit more. Below my name, the viewer will be able to easily navigate my portfolio. I tried to make this as easy as possible. My goal was not to overwhelm, employing the mantra “less is more.”  On the homepage, I also have, in big text, a description of my career aspirations, a brief explanation for the site and a little about myself. Once again, I don’t want to overwhelm and if the viewer is totally interested in me, my resume is posted for their convenience. The guiding idea is to understand who I am as a writer and a professional at the same time. I plan to use this site well beyond graduation and it’s a great place to store my work. Viewers can see my resume and all my work samples, which displays confidence in all my prose.

My articles page was designed as a grid with the ability for the audience to click a picture and it links to the corresponding article. I feel that pictures often times lure readers and I felt this was something I wanted to employ.

My resume is posted for the audience to get an idea of what work interests me and what I like to do. This also provides ethos to the ePortfolio as I am virtually submitting what I submit to future employers online. The catch: anyone with Wifi can view my resume now, not just the employer.

The trickiest part of creating my ePortfolio was trying to determine how I wanted to showcase my proud Writing 220 works. Obviously, I plan to use this portfolio more for employment opportunities, so putting the Writing 220 stuff on it wouldn’t really make sense. But I am so proud of the work I’ve done in this class that I couldn’t leave it out. I truly believe my Why I Write essay embodies who I am as a person and student. It was the first piece I opened up in and anyone who wants to get to know me should know what is in that piece. Therefore, atop the “Writing Minor” page is my Why I write piece. Below that is the space for the repurposing projects and remediation projects. I put a large picture of David Price to link to the original source of writing. Below that, I put my repurposing project and linked it to what I was modeling it after. And finally, at the bottom, is my YouTube video containing my remediation project. I really think the reader will understand the progression well based on my layout.

 Lastly on the portfolio is my contact page. My phone number and email are provided, which, again, adds ethos to the ePortfolio as viewers can directly contact me with their concerns. However, I am not worried.

 Anyone who has seen my portfolio has noticed my Twitter Feed appearing on all the pages. They ask me why. There is a simple answer: a lot of who I am is on Twitter. The social-media site is essential to all journalists and it composes my opinions and believes on all topics Michigan.  I don’t think you can get the full picture of Jason Rubinstein without looking at my Twitter, so that is why it is included.

I really cannot wait to see if my website attracts any buzz. I will tweet it out, link it on Facebook to do everything I can to make it grow. Only time will tell if that is the case.

So thank you Naomi and all creators of the Writing 220 curriculum. I truly loved making this portfolio!

Jason Rubinstein

A half-Argentinean sports writer for The Michigan Daily. Previous intern at the New York Daily News. Siracha sauce enthusiast. Avid Chicago Sports fan. Once turned down a bid from AEPi.

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  1. Hey Jason. So you ePortfolio does look incredibly professional. You can tell that it is something you took a lot of pride in, and might hope to present it as something that could help you get a job in the future. As far as the navigation of the site goes, it is also very easy to maneuver and view the entire portfolio. I hope it gives you exactly what you are looking for in the future, because it looks and reads fantastic.

    Best of luck in the upcoming semesters and I hope to work with you again in the future.

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