That’s All Folks



This semester really flew by. Although I am counting down the days until my last exam, I can say with all honestly that I will miss this class. I have had a lot of fun expanding my writing skills with T and my fellow Fall 2014 fall cohort members. This intro class really pushed me out of my writing comfort zone and I’m glad for that.

When I started putting together my eportfolio, I felt very proud of all the writing and projects I have completed throughout the semester. I am glad that this minor allows us to display our works in such a public setting because it’s nice to get some recognition for all our hard work. I spent plenty of time working on this eportfolio, because I wanted it to be a solid representation of not only my work, but also myself as a person. I spent hours editing, reorganizing and rewording each page to create a final page that I am very proud.

Before concluding, I’d like to send out a special thanks to T herself for inspiring me as a writer and as a student in general. She has been one of my favorite professors at the university so far and I feel very lucky to have been in her class. Additionally, I’d like to thank my fellow minor in writing students, who I now consider my friends. I have really enjoyed getting to know you all through your writing and I hope we will encounter each other in future classes.


And with that I leave you the link to my eportfolio: 

I hope you have as much exploring my eportfolio as I did creating it. THAT’S ALL FOLKS!


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