The coolest (and most challenging) classwork you’ll ever do

Hello future Minor in Writing students!

I remember reading the advice of students who came before me wondering what the hell they could possibly say that could make my experience in the Minor better. Theoretically you’ve all been accepted by Sweetland and have already enrolled in Writing 220, so really you’re going to have to do this no matter what. If you’re thinking what I was thinking when I was in your shoes, I understand. But stop.

Allow me to impart my wisdom.

Earlier this semester I wrote a blog post about how terrified I was to be writing a fiction short story in this class.

I had never written fiction before, and in fact was incredibly self-conscious about my ability to do anything that wasn’t an academic/research paper. This was going to be read by a bunch of people and then GRADED. How was my shoddy self-esteem going to handle it?

Scared face cat.
It clearly wasn’t. [Wolfgang Lonien/Flickr]
But I did it anyways, and it was the best decision I made this year. That’s why my advice to you is this: do what makes you scared. Especially if you want to be a better writer because of it. It’s way easier said than done, I know, but once you try that one thing you’ve never done, you’ll feel at least 9 times more confident in yourself.

And honestly, being afraid of writing something makes you try even harder than you might if you were overly-comfortable with what you were doing.

It’s a win-win.

Best of luck.


Brie Winnega

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