The end (for now!)

Woah…I cannot believe this is our last blog post of the semester. With my going abroad next semester, there have been a lot of “lasts” lately, yet each new “last” time continues to shock me. I’m not so sad about having to leave a few things behind in Ann Arbor until senior year; namely COMM 122, dreary winter weather, and many of my “same-old” routines. Still, I’ve grown to love WRITING 220 throughout the semester and will be sad to leave it behind me.

The ePortfolio process has been my favorite project of the semester. From the initial brainstorming stages, to the hours spent playing around with different templates, design, and organization, to the reflection, watching the portfolio develop has been so exciting. When I was first accepted to the minor and was browsing through past cohort portfolios, I was beyond intimidated. Based on how daunting this technology-filled project initially was for me, I’ve surprised myself with how smooth the process has been.

Admittedly, I get a little portfolio-envy when we do showcases in class or do peer review and certain portfolios have features I didn’t think of or awesome designs. The most identifiable fault to my project is my lack of design compared to my peers. Still, I stayed true to my exigence from the beginning; to make a clean, simple, easy to navigate portfolio for potential employers.

I am proud of my reflection and organization, but I am most proud of how I tackled technological changes head on. Instead of becoming easily frustrated like I have with media based projects in the past, I calmly approached tech-y wrenches that were thrown my way.

Click on the image below to see my (almost) complete portfolio! If these types of projects are a preview of what’s to come for the rest of the minor curriculum, I can’t wait.

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2 thoughts to “The end (for now!)”

  1. Sarah,

    We’ve been in the same blog group for two projects, so I can say I am one of the persons that witnessed your development in the projects. I’m glad you like the eportfolio project. You’ve had a very clear direction since the beginning of this project. I think your design would work very well for your potential audience.
    It is very well organized and professional , which is definitely a good presentation of you to the employers. I hope your food journey could go further with this eportfolio in your pocket.

    It was a great experience to work with you this semester. Good luck on your study abroad!

  2. Sarah,

    I’ve really loved working with you this semester/seeing the progress you’ve made with your portfolio. You knew what you wanted to accomplish from the beginning of the process and I definitely think you were successful! It’s crazy that we spent four years at the same high school and I never knew your love for food/writing. I’m so happy I do now!

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