The final touch

After many theme changes, switching around of sentences, creation of buttons with embedded links, and countless doses of caffeine to keep me going, my EPortfolio is finally complete. Although stressful at times I really did enjoy this project. It’s a really cool feeling to see all of my work from the semester exist in one place that I believe represents myself as a writer.

But I still can’t believe the semester is already coming to an end—and I know that my Monday and Wednesday mornings will feel like they’re missing something in the weeks to come. This Gateway class has given me the opportunity to learn so much about life, writing, and how my life as a writer will continue. Our class was filled with some of the best writers I know, and I already can’t wait for the Capstone and to be surrounded by this kind of passion and drive.

 So, here it is: my EPortfolio. I believe it is still a work-in-progress in the sense that I want to continue adding to it and developing my identity as a writer. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to view it and I hope you get some value out of the writing I have done!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 1.43.44 PM
!!!!!!!! (for once I have no words to describe my emotions)

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