The Fried Turkey Fiasco

Thanksgiving is probably my favorite holiday of the year. A holiday built around beer, football, and eating – seriously, what’s not to love? But, perhaps my favorite part of Thanksgiving is simply being with many of the people I hold most dear in my life and just celebrating being together in one place. Spending the holiday in Boston this year, it was an eventful Thanksgiving as ever.

I love Thanksgiving and turkeys of all kind
I love Thanksgiving and turkeys of all kind

My family is sort of a unique cast of characters – we have my mom and aunt who always seem to be competing with each other, the girl cousins who love to watch movies and talk about clothes, the jokesters who sit around drinking and watching football (I obviously fall into this category), and the grandmother who makes hilarious insensitive comments without any sort of filter whatsoever. The past couple of years we’ve sort of fallen into a new tradition – making some kind of “novelty” turkey in addition to a regular “safety” one. Last year was the infamous “turducken” (chicken inside of a duck inside of a turkey – and surprisingly tasty actually) and this year was the dangerous “fried turkey”. My uncle, for some reason obsessed with the art form of turkey production, took on the endeavor of deep-frying an entire turkey. For reference of just how dangerous we’re talking here – he said one of the first things coming up in his turkey frying research was, “how to rebuild your deck.” Or, just watch this hilarious video of people trying to fry turkey and failing miserably. But anyway, we all gathered around outside (not on the deck) to watch the moment of truth.

I kind of wish this happened...okay fine not really...ok fine maybe just a little
I kind of wish this happened…okay fine not really…ok fine maybe just a little

Unfortunately, nothing blew up. This made me very upset I walked all the way outside in the cold to ultimately see nothing awesome happen. The turkey was fried successfully, and it was quite delicious, a lot moister than your average Joe turkey – and I consider myself a primed turkey expert, so trust me, I’d know. In the end though, what I remember most about this and just about every other Thanksgiving is not a specific memory of sorts or anything to do with advanced turkey exploration. What I remember most is the indefinite recollection of us all being together – the one day a year where I can absolutely count on being with family – and that to me is Thanksgiving.

2 thoughts to “The Fried Turkey Fiasco”

  1. If your family is feeling extra ambitious next semester you should try the cooking Turbaconepicentipede – here’s a tutorial: And that’s unfortunate to hear that nothing blew up (next time get Michael Bay to cook it) , but your family tradition sounds awesome. My British parents aren’t that into American holidays or deep-frying, so unfortunately I may never get to taste the delicious, moist turkey you consumed this Thanksgiving. It was great reading about this experience though, and I will have to settle with living vicariously through you until I can fully Americanize my parents!

  2. Haha I feel like this is the type of Thanksgiving you see in sitcoms over the holidays! Very different than my vegetarian, Indian Thanksgiving. I had to stifle my laughter in class at the thought of a bunch of people waiting around for a turkey to blow up. It sounds like “turkey production” is certainly an art form in your family. It’s really nice that you got to spend the long weekend with football, beer, and family, and I hope you got some rest! Great post!

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