THIS IS NOT A CLASS (my advice to the future MIW cohorts about the gateway)

My advice about the gateway course: THIS IS NOT A CLASS.

In the gateway to the minor, we learn what it means to be writers. We explore our feelings about writing and what writing means to us personally. We develop and reflect on our process. We create. We critique. We are inspire and are inspired by one another. We build a community.

Take note: we do all of these things, but we do not seek a grade. It’s not about “doing well,” “scoring,” or “competing.” It is simply about doing, no matter what that means. Beware of approaching the gateway as a class in the typical sense, because if you do you’ll miss the point.

Have fun. Don’t worry about getting an A. If you do your best and put all that you can into your work, the A will appear. If you distract yourself with “A” thoughts, your writing will suffer.

THIS IS NOT A CLASS. Be sure to read the warning label.


Warning Label

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