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So I finished my ePortfolio, and I officially know everything there is to know about making a website… In all seriousness, I feel a great sense of accomplishment after hours upon hours of color scheming and reuploading artifacts and playing with all the fun apps that Wix has to offer. I think it is really cool that we get to showcase all of the work we have been doing this semester in these ePortfolios; it feels a lot more meaningful than just receiving grades for our projects and never looking at them again. I think I still want to work on the flow of my blog, it feels like all of the pieces are still really separate, and it doesn’t quite tell the cohesive story that I would like it to. I think my ePortfolio has a running theme that brings it together, but there is still an element that I am looking for to make it showcase who I am as a writer. But I think that will come as I learn more about myself as a writer. It was a long process for sure. I started out with this idea that I wanted my writing to be represented by a tree because of all of the different “branches” or genres of writing I enjoy, but I had to refine that idea to keep in mind that I wanted the ePortfolio to look professional and mature as well. There was a lot of experimenting with general thematic layout, but in the end I’m quite happy with the result. I get to showcase my own photography and still maintain the nature theme I was going for, which adds a personal touch to the website in my eyes. I think all in all, I’m quite pleased with my first real ePortfolio experience. Sad to say this is the last post for the Gateway course, it’s been a great semester!


For your consideration: http://sojoshi.wix.com/sjoshieportfolio

Sonalee Joshi

Sonalee is a fourth year student in the College of LSA with an Honors major in Biopsychology, Cognition, & Neuroscience with a Sweetland Minor in Writing.

2 thoughts to “Webmaster Extraordinaire”

  1. Sonalee – I definitely agree with your point about the ePortfolio being a lot better than a simple grade – it’ll be really cool to go back and look at in the future and possibly even add to it. I just scrolled through your ePortfolio a bit and you did a really really awesome job! I love the guiding theme of nature, which makes the whole blog flow well in addition to being very aesthetically pleasing. Also, your remediation video turned out great, I never got to see the final product before and I think it’s exactly what you were going for. Well done on all accounts!

  2. I completely agree with Jeff about the ePortfolio being more permanent than other pieces of writing I’ve done for classes. I often write an essay and completely forget about it afterwards, and I’m sure there are lots of my essays that I wouldn’t be able to find even if I wanted to. But the online nature of the ePortfolio makes it a lot easier to maintain and revisit. I also loved the remediation video, and especially liked how you were able to use the exact same music Buzzfeed uses in their videos. I think it turned out great!

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