Writing Isn’t Easy

Throughout my short time in the Sweetland Minor in Writing program, I’ve discovered that while I’ve always struggled to get a piece of writing started I’m certainly not alone. Being surrounded by some of the best writers around our campus has been a wonderful experience for numerous reasons, but I think the best aspect for me so far has been realizing that even the best of writers struggle sometimes. It’s not easy to simply sit down and write an essay, or even an interesting idea. It takes consistent effort and revision in nearly every case, even for a group of talented writers. I feel comfort in knowing this because I’ve always believed that the opposite held true. For whatever reason, writing seems to be one of the few lines of work where even if you have all of the natural talent in the world, you still have to put in a lot of hard work in order to achieve success. For anyone out there who is reading this: if you find yourself struggling to get a good start on your writing, or if it’s not coming along, you’re most certainly not alone. However, from the looks of these posts and the work I have seen from members of my class, this is quite the talented group. Push on and keep at it, we’ll all be all right.


Sometimes you just need to get started

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