Writing Minor? It’s Not Minor

Having been through this whole semester’s training as a writing minor student, I have a lot to say. I don’t want to make it personal, but personal experience is always the best example and the best evidence to support an argument. For me, this semester was a process of finding problems and solving problems, and repeat. Compared with all the other writing courses, gateway challenged me once, twice… for many times. I think most people will agree challenge makes progress. That is how I feel standing by the finishing line of the course, I feel accomplished and awarding.

If you are looking into minor in writing, or if you are already accepted as a minor student, please keep reading.

A process of working progress. Writing minor, as you should know, certainly has a lot of writing. But very differently, writings in gateway course is never as you imagined. Outline, reference, or first draft? No. We want you to be creative, to be ambitious, to be a well-rounded writer. Therefore, you writing will be about your preference, your interest, and most importantly is about you as a writer.

An exploration journey about yourself. I think one of the most awarding thing in writing gateway course is to find myself through writing. From the beginning, “Why I Write” project opened my mind and brought out something that I have never thought of in my writing and in my life. I think I found back the passion about writing, and the joy that I have had before when I wrote. So writing minor is all about inspiration and exploration. You can go as deep as you want to create surprise and magic.

An opportunity to look back to the past and to look forward into the future. There is no course that connects your past into present better than writing gateway because it allows you to bring your old writing back on your screen and to recreate it into something special and amazing.  That is a process of looking back and looking forward. It is such a good chance to express yourself through the transformation of your writing and to challenge yourself with different writing styles and media.

A course to make the most of it. If you are prepared to pick up your pen and started to write, you were wrong. Writing is no longer physical writing; it is image, video, website, and so many more that you wouldn’t think of as writing. So just bring your heart with you and be as creative as you can and make the most of it.

I wish I could take more courses like this that could open my mind and broaden my horizon, and at the same time taught me new skills that I wouldn’t expect in the course.  I think that was what writing minor meant to me because it was never minor in my life.


Enni Zhao

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