A Marriage of Wonder: What I Like to Read

“The Imaginary Foundation has an inspiring venn diagram T-shirt that suggests that wonder exists at the intersection of science and art. And it is perhaps at this intersection, this intellectual collision of seemingly disparate bedfellows, that something magical and unexpected happens: new patterns emerge; new connections are forged between previously unconnected ideas and inspiration reigns.” -Jason Silva, Huffington Post (Source)

I love to read anything that marries science and art. I will be fully content with a piece that centers on one of the two, but any author that can paint the beauty of the universe in equations and atoms will always be my favorite. As of late, Michio Kaku’s Parallel Worlds, a novel discussing recent theories on the multiverse, M-Theory, string theory, and the ultimate fate of the cosmos, has occupied the place of honor on my bedside table. Kaku takes all of the complexities of science and marries them with the elegant art of phrasing. He turns theoretical astrophysics from the terrifying mouthful that it can be to something more simple, more charming, more magical.

That being said, I love to read what I love to write – and that is just about anything. Throw me a novel and occupy my mind. Toss me a poem and hear a content sigh. Give me an interesting cereal box, and I’ll be occupied for breakfast.

I’m a reader and a writer with one foot planted in the laboratory and the other in the stars.

Alexis Stempien

An aspiring science writer studying biopsychology, cognition, and neuroscience with minors in writing and general shenanigans. In my spare time, I make YouTube videos at http://www.youtube.com/theseneonhearts.

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