A Very Fine and Outdated Rabbit Hole

I took my first trip to the University of Michigan online library resources the other day to attempt to narrow down my focus for my big writing piece this semester. As soon as I entered the database I was immensely unimpressed with the barebones appeal going on with the site. I mean, I get that its a professional tool used to transport users to outside articles but please, this is 2015.


One of the first things I saw when skimming for interesting, broad topics was something about Detroit. The specific link is not important. What is important is that I followed that link. I am from the metro Detroit area and have always been intrigued by Detroit and its incredibly rich history. From there I kept clicking links to funnel my interest until a particular link really lit up the bulb in my head. I was taken to the website of an organization dedicated to the upkeep and restoration of historic Woodward avenue. Woodward has always been a necessity to me my entire life. It runs right through my cozy, upper-middle class city of Birmingham and I use the road so frequently that sometimes I forget that the 27-mile long stretch of pavement touches way more than high class clothing boutiques and the Little Caesars where I had my first summer job. The history of Woodward is as full of stories as the cities it runs through. I think dedicating my capstone writing project to this historic roadway/landmark would be a great experience and would allow me to learn a lot more about the avenue on which I grew up.

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