Came Out the Rabbit Hole With Some Cool Stuff For All You Science Geeks!

When I landed on the Research Guides page, I immediately clicked on Health Sciences, a subject that I have always been and always will be interested in. Not sure yet if it’s an area I’ll pursue for my Capstone Project, but it’s definitely one that I’ll be involved in for many years to come. I found many resources that I think will be useful for not only other undergraduates who are taking Health Sciences related courses, but also for medical school students, physicians, and researchers! I definitely think I will be using many of the databases I found today long-term.

Having just taken an immunology course last semester, I was interested in what sources were available on Allergy and Clinical Immunology, and boy were there a lot! I’m pretty familiar with article databases, such as Google Scholar, Ovid, PubMed, and Scopus, from using them in the past, but what I didn’t know existed were Drug and Image Databases! I’ve always been interested in learning about how diseases present, are diagnosed, and treated (hence my interest in entering the medical field), and finally I’ve found a few places that provide all that information!

Two databases stood out to me in particular. Natural Medicines provides information on both conventional and natural medicines for specific illnesses, a move that I think establishes its credibility well. The cultural awareness this database seems to implicitly have offers objectivity; specific interventions may or may not be socially acceptable depending on the culture a patient or doctor is a part of and this site provides information that would be relevant to many different audiences. AccessMedicine not only provides FULL TEXT textbooks (which can save students a ton of money!), but it also allows you to search for textbook images. I find visuals, such as images and diagrams to be extremely useful, as it allows me to understand and remember a high volume of information quicker and better. I’m really bummed I didn’t find this source earlier in my undergraduate career now! I’m definitely going to be recommending these to younger students so that they can take advantage of these superb resources.

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