Chia is at the end of my Rabbit Hole

While sifting through the abundance of online library resources, I found myself back-clicking more often than not. For many of the sites, the Search Box needed to be filled in with some term the audience wanted to find; however, I wanted to continue clicking links and find an article or resource that I would have never searched on my own. After back clicking from “Business,” “Humanities,” and several other big category options, I found myself on the “Health Sciences” page. I would not consider myself a science person, yet I continuously find myself drawn to the topic. After about five clicks, without filling in the lingering Search Box, I ended on a page about chia. Chia is a food I incorporate into my diet everyday, but actually know very little about. Did you know chia was first utilized by the Aztec civilization[1]? Or, did you know that chia contains compounds (miltionone II, cryptotanshinone, tanshinone IIA) that are associated with the treatment of heart attacks and strokes[2]? In addition to facts about chia, I found an efficiency chart that lists many commonly consumed foods, or compounds, and how each affects a person’s health[3].

Generally, during my continuous clicking through search engines, I found myself drawn to webpages with clear layouts and with additional links on each page. Subsequently, I did not remain on the webpages that were disorganized and only provided additional information if the searcher filled in the Search Box. However, my actions are only relevant for this assignment. If I had a specific topic to research, there were a great deal of helpful search engines that I came across and back clicked from that would provide extremely helpful information.




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