Exploring my Passions

I never realized I could have so many open tabs on my computer screen.  While looking through the different subject categories and research guides on the UM Library page, I felt like I wanted to look at EVERYTHING.  While I’ve used the library guides before for previous research and classes, my research was often so focused that I wasn’t able to explore all of the different categories that I wanted to — the topics were close-ended.  This time?  I had tabs open from subjects of English Literature, to health disparities, to the history of Detroit!

After sorting through everything though, I found myself continually going back to articles that I found on education and diversity, since they interested me so much.  It was really interesting to read through different studies that talk about how we teach students about race and the racial climate of schools can affect students.  I’m really interested in researching more on how different social identities play a role in school development, especially because I plan to work with students as a social worker in the future.  At the same time, I discovered while looking through all of these articles that I’m also very much interested in literacy and education as well, and would love to find a connection between both literature and race in schools today.  There was also a big distinction between articles focused on higher education, and those focused on primary and secondary education.  I think that both are extremely interesting for different reasons — higher education because it’s something I’m actually living through right now, and can relate my experiences to, and secondary because it’s the age group that I eventually want to work with.

Overall, I thought that this assignment was really fun and helpful for making me research and think critically about many different facets of research that I am interested in.  While I’m still a little uneasy about the vastness of topics that are possible, I am excited to see what’s in store as the semester continues!

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