Finding My Way

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When I first entered the research guides page, I was drawn to the social science category. I have always been intrigued by the study of people, and social science classes have been some of my favorite to date. From there, it seemed only natural that I would be led to Communication Studies links, since this is my major. I really enjoy many aspects of communications, especially social media and advertising. This kind of brought me back to something I had talked about with my partner, Lauren, in class last week. Lauren suggested that I create some kind of ad campaign. It was a pretty general conversation, but it got me thinking. It would be awesome to create print advertisements, especially since I’ve always been interested in learning more about design and photoshop in collaboration with my writing. The thought of a series of commercials also crossed my mind, but I’m not sure if I want to delve back into the world of video since I’ve done a couple projects using iMovie so far.

Additionally, as I mentioned before, social media usage is a huge interest of mine. I found a lot of resources surrounding this topic, and I am particularly drawn to the idea of exploring how social media is used in different parts of campus. Obviously, students are incredibly active on most sites, but are more professors starting to use different platforms as well? Does the university feel adequately connected to the student body through social media? I feel like this type of project would work well as a video, or even a set of infographics. It would require some research, but could provide some serious insight about the topic.

Overall, I definitely am interested in doing my Capstone project on something related to other people and persuasion. I like the idea of reaching out to people and getting feedback — even incorporating the public directly into my project. I’m very¬†excited to continue developing my ideas and figure out a concrete plan!

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