Into The Rabbit Hole… and now I have a headache

The Michigan Library website overwhelms me. When I started using it 45 minutes ago I felt great; now I have a headache. I’ll be the first to admit that I never use the Library resources; I’ve probably used the lib’s website twice during my past four years at Michigan. When browsing online I’m used to google – with big letters and happy colors – kind of like a book for a really old person. The Library and its portals is filled with boring, dull colors that are all variations of beige, gray, and some really drab navy blue.

Furthermore, I hate reading on computers. I hate reading on my phone. I hate holding what is essentially a TV screen one foot from my face and staring into it for ten hours. That is why I, unlike most of my generation, still partake in the ancient art of reading books; another arcane art I practice – printing off PDF’s and reading them on paper. I’m telling you this to underline how negative my experience browsing the library site was.

Dear Prof. Barron, I’m usually a swell, happy-go-lucky guy. Sorry this was your first impression of me.

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