Into the Rabbit Hole: Another Form of Fiction

I have to admit that this may not have brought me any closer to a succinct idea but I do feel a bit more bold in potentially experimenting with things. I was immediately drawn to the Arts and Humanities sections because I wasn’t familiar with the “research” side of them. Surprisingly, I had no idea of the depth of available research in the Arts and Humanities sections.  

“Comic Books and Graphic Novels” was a guide that was incredibly interesting. I had always pictured this genre as mostly containing Marvel/DC superheroes, Manga and Archie comics. Other types of novels seemed to be a small subset. But, I guess, Betty, Veronica and Batman don’t even begin to cover this genre. There are so many different forms and stories that a comic book/graphic novel could take. There were different denominations (eg. independent, mini comics, etc).  I quickly realized that comic books/graphic novels could be portrayed differently, written differently and speak different message to different audiences.

I discovered the Expresso Book Machine. Did you know you could actually print books? You can actually get published (not officially, but at least have a print copy of a book). This is a great opportunity for anyone to print a project in book from. 

The other subject area that I was intrigued by was “Theater/Drama”. I had never read or seen too many plays. I visited the resource“Theater in Video” which had fantastic recordings of original performances from plays but also contained productions on “non-artsy” topics like Rehabilitation history and Dentistry. The definition of theatre is defined differently from what I expected. 

From a project perspective, this exercise broadened my view of the different forms that my writing could take. This semester, I wanted to explore more of my ability in writing fiction. However, rather than simply typing words as a story, I now see that this project could take different forms. I could create a comic book. I could write a play or create a video/film depicting some sort of story. It’ll be interesting to see what form of fiction I’ll end up with. 

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