“Let’s Google It”

The “rabbit hole” is not really a new concept to me – although I never realized what I was doing had a name (besides “curiosity” or “procrastination”). I guess I’m a pretty curious person, and my Google search history would corroborate that statement. Without even realizing I’m doing it, I find myself Googling dozens of questions and random thoughts every day. In a conversation, if someone happens to say, “I wonder how many Golden Globes Meryl Streep has won,” I am 101% likely to immediately grab my phone and search for the answer. Why just ponder over these questions when we can find out the answer, increase our knowledge, and destroy our friends in Trivia Crack?

When starting today’s “rabbit hole”, I chose the Health Sciences category. I figured I could find something that was new and interesting to me, since my studies are generally pretty different from the health sciences. This seemed like a better place to start than say, a category that fits with my major and would include information I already know a lot about.

From there I ended up at Pharmacology. An interesting topic, of course, but not my forte at all and something I know little to none about. I ended up in Drug Discovery, reading an article about how the rave drug Special K can positively treat depression, bipolar disorder and suicidal behavior. Aaaand, then I backed up and started fresh.

My next clicks led me to Government, Politics & Law, and then to the European Union. Why not? I’m graduating this year, obviously euro-trip is on my mind. I read an article about Europe’s jobless youth, didn’t find much else that interested me, and backed up again.

Nothing I found was really driving my interests for the project, but it satisfied my constant need to Google random things.

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