Peering into the Rabbit Hole


In class on Wednesday, I was given the suggestion to write about the interplay between my faith and science. I am fascinated by people and by so many aspects of the physical world and I engage in this wonder both through my faith and through science. After I graduate, I intent to pursue a career in a health field. I think a career in a science-based field is highly compatible with my Christian faith. I want to see what other people in my soon-to-be-position think. I would love to interview Christian PAs, NPs, and physicians and found out how their scientific studies have enhanced their faiths and vice versa. I want to know about the evolution of their faith lives and how they view their careers.

With this in mind, my search through the research guides took me into the Health Sciences Category. A lot of the search results looked interesting; maybe that says something about my interests. I looked through the Natural Standard: The Authority on Integrative Medicine database, a dosing calculator, and a Center for Disease Control and Prevention factsheet on disability. Access Medicine caught my eye because my physiology professor had recently made us aware of all the medical resources encompassed in this tool on the library website. There are all kinds of medical textbooks and other resources for medical students on Access Medicine. I mostly just looked at the titles of the textbooks but it is good to know that I have all this information if I need it.

I can’t say for sure if any of this will directly make it into my capstone project but I was excited to see how much patient care information is available to us. I’ve been very motivated to do research on grad schools and careers recently. The results of that research may help me decide who to interview.

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