That’s Not the Rabbit Hole I’m Looking For


I have to admit…I don’t spend much of my time traveling down the rabbit hole that is the great and powerful Google search. When I search, I generally have a pretty clear idea what I want and what I am looking for. As unbelievable and unfathomable as it sounds, it’s the truth.

I search for things I like, I search for things I need, and I search for things I’m interested in and not much else. I find it excruciatingly difficult to not only search for, but also to read about something that I am not interested in. It is one of the things I most wish I could change about myself, but I have to be honest here.


When using the Research Guides from the University of Michigan library, I started out with the goal of just having fun, seeking out things I wouldn’t normally, and clicking on any link that tickled my fancy. The goal was not to hesitate, not to overthink, just to click.

Things didn’t go quite as expected. I managed to click without reluctance, but I found myself clicking back more often than not. And when I did go back, I was looking for something specific. As much as I wanted to let go and freefall into the rabbit hole, I couldn’t. By the end of the process, I was looking at every link in the long lists of options before selecting one, hoping to see one of the keywords in my mind. In the end, I didn’t find what I was looking for, but I did locate some incredible resources that are there if I need them. This just wasn’t quite the rabbit hole I was looking for.

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