The Unknown Rabbit Hole

As I started to prepare myself to leap into the unknown, I originally began with a topic that I am familiar with; my major, communications. While I am fascinated with communication studies, I immediately stopped myself from delving into this deep hole and changed my directions to explore the arts. I have always been passionate about the arts, specifically theatre and dance. I have found that through these venues, I tend to better express myself, in addition to writing.

During my plunge into the multi-faceted world of the arts, I came across monologue performances which peaked my interest. I am very familiar with this type of work yet never had experience writing my own. So much can go into a monologue, from expressions, to stories, to a metophoric chaos of things. The monologues turned into writing songs in different musical styles which then led me to the idea of a song with no words, just pictures. Then I came back full circle, and an idea sparked: a monologue that accompanied by relevant pictures.

Okay… so I have a semi interesting idea. BUT WHAT THE HELL DO I WRITE ABOUT.

The rabbit hole was fascinating. But as a came back from this fantasy land, I realized I still have no idea what I want subject I want to focus on. Dang it.

Lior Press

Whale lover, wolverine at heart. Give me brownies and I will love you forever. “One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.”- Bob Marley

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