Who I Am and What I Write

Hey! Hi! Hello!

Like most good acquaintance-makings, I figured it would be best to greet you. You, like me, are new to this blog, and, as such, introductions are in order.

Let’s start basic (like me! Haha, because I’m a white girl? Basic? Nevermind). My name is Sarah. I am at the shallow end of my twenties and in my second year of college. I am a nerd in the truest, embarrassing, old-fashioned, let’s-shove-this-geek-in-a-locker kind of way. I watch a lot of anime and all my friends are engineers and I have played table-top games before and I spend all my time on tumblr or watching YouTubers play video games. It’s a sickness.

When I’m not doing those things though, sometimes I’m writing! I emphasize sometimes here because I do it in sporadic bursts. I do it when school is in session for essays and reactionary pieces. I write when I have something funny (ie something that makes ME laugh) to share on Facebook. I write when I get too down on myself for not having actually written anything “fun” and I’ll sit down and leaf through the Word Doc of prompts and ideas I have built up for just such an occasion and maybe pick one and run with it for a while until the existential dread comes back and I have to abandon it for a while and lay down and think about my life.

In those rare times when I am writing something in my free time for personal fulfillment (as opposed to for a grade) and doing so successfully (read as: not outlining, not crying about how terrible I am), I mainly try for realistic fiction with plenty of romance. No shame; that’s my jam.

So, now that we have scraped the surface of who I am and what I write, I figure it’s only fair that I prove the above claims and get back to writing (or not).

Thank you for your time.


(I apologize for lying but I am actually a simple shark trying to figure out how to blog. Here is a picture of me.)

shark blogger

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