Who I Am

“Who are you?” That is always such a strange question to answer. I could explain myself in many ways–I am a student, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a horrendous skier, and the list goes on. But for the purposes of this course, and this blog, I am here as a writer. I am an individual who is curious about learning everything there is to know about writing, about voice, about connecting with an audience. And right now, I am the person sitting at the corner table of a crowded Starbucks.


Answering the question of what kind of reading I like to do is much easier than answering who I am, in my personal opinion. That is because what I like to read is exactly what I like to write. My favorite kinds of readings are those which are conversational, connect with an audience, and make a reader feel as though they are truly speaking with a friend. I crave readings that are humorous, even a little sarcastic, and are overall relatable. It’s those readings that make one laugh at the words on the page, and even laugh at themselves, that I feel are most special.


So that is where I leave you for my first blog post–a vague response to who I am, but a definite knowledge of my favorite type of readings. I hope that throughout this course and my future writing in general, I will be able to engage a reader with that same conversational tone and spurts of humor that are so enjoyable for myself to read. And I promise that I will try to the best of my ability to avoid the cheesy stuff, but sometimes, it just happens.



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