“Why I Write/Blog” Response

I was surprised by the differences and similarities between Andrew Sullivan’s  “Why I Blog”, George Orwell’s “Why I Write” and Joan Didion’s “Why I Write”.I think all three writers were a bit self indulgent. Sullivan says that blogs are mean to be short 800 word pieces yet his article is over six pages long. All three authors talked heavily about audience–though there thoughts were different. Sullivan thinks that blogging is meant to a very interactive process with readers. That in order to be a successful blogger you have to hear your readers and make adjustments accordingly. Joan Didion says that, “In many ways writing is the act of… imposing oneself upon other people…” Meaning that you are telling your readers what to think. Orwell thinks the best way to write is to take oneself completely out of your writing in order to tell a story.

Some parts did resonant deeply with me though. At the beginning of Orwell’s piece he talks about knowing from a young age that he should be a writer but suppressing it through out his life. This really resonated with me because I’ve had similar experiences. Going into college I was worried about being secure in my future rather than happy more recently after changing majors I’ve decided that the latter is much better. While reading Didion and Sullivan’s article I did feel as connected to to them. I think this is because while they both talk about why they write neither goes into as much detail as Orwell. They both digress to other topics that I found distracting and while come point were good most just distracted from the point of the piece.


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  1. Alex,
    I am almost certain that that feeling of suppressing your love for writing for security is common among a lot of students who enjoy writing. I too have felt this feeling. I am wondering why do you write? You mention that all three writers seemed a bit self-indulgent, and if you do not believe that this is a commonality with at least a few writers then why do you do it? What are you gaining from writing? Or, what are you giving back?

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