30 minute genre/mode search

Once again, I’m fashionably late, but I didn’t want to break tradition so here we go. I am tucked away in the back of the Ugli and, hopefully, this is the closest thing to a prison cell I will ever encounter (but who knows). I would expect there to be some sliver of intellectual propaganda on the walls. However, there is just industrial, oyster white paint on the walls and Ikea quality furniture. I don’t feel like moving right now, so I’m going to do this search on the internet. Here is what I have found:

1) Riptide/Modest Mouse Pandora station: This is the first thing that came to mind, mainly because its the only thing I can hear right now. The songs are completely portrayed through the aural mode, and the Pandora website utilizes several tools (spatial layout, text, pictures) to accomplish a goal. I think the goal is to create an easily navigated webpage that focuses primarily on a simple way to listen to free music. The songs on my station are geared towards the Blink-182 generation of bitchy adolescents, and I am enjoying it. Genre: Music Websites

2) The Art of Manliness Blog: I read this website rather frequently, and it has some thought provoking posts. The audience is clearly geared towards men, but specifically college aged guys. There are two macho guys at the top of the page, and easy to navigate tabs like “Health and Sports” and “Manly Skills.” There are pictures pertaining to each article, and the only text on the main page is the title of the articles. I don’t really like the name of the website, and the overall premise is pretty douchey, but there are still a few interesting posts. This is basically a self-improvement/self-help blog for men, but not shallow and sexist like “AskMen” or “Men’s Health.”

3) Nike.com: I have a terrible addiction to internet shopping/browsing. Nike’s website works well with what their goal is: to be innovative, futuristic, and chic. The homepage is neutral colors (grey, black, silver, white) and Kobe Bryant is dribbling a basketball with some crazy graphics in the background. The tabs for navigation are simple and slim. I think the audience is athletes in general, but specifically, younger athletes. Nike tries to appeal to young athletes by using superstars to elevate Nike’s products, and that is why they have pictures of professional athletes plastered all over the website. Genre: Athletic wear website/Online store in general.

4) Brainpickings.org: Best website ever. Seriously, if you ever need inspiration for writing go here. It is a simple webpage with even simpler links on the side. The color scheme is yellow, black, and white, and there are a ton of brilliant articles. This website is geared towards mindful, literary people, and the audience is reached through fantastic writing. The genre would be a blog, but it feels different because there isn’t a comment section (maybe the author can’t handle criticism, I don’t know).

Only did four in 30 minutes, but I tried to be thorough in analyzing each.


3 thoughts to “30 minute genre/mode search”

  1. You aren’t in my blog group, but I had to read because you always say so many funny things in class. Similarly, killer blog. Love the voice that is so evident in your writing! Good read. I’ll be sure to check out The Art of Manliness Blog ASAP.

  2. I love being able to hear your voice in your blog posts. You did a great job of analyzing what it was about Nike’s website that made it seem sleek to the viewer. Simplistic colors, font, and writing definitely add to chicness. I’ve checked out Brain Pickings and it has a very cool layout. I like how it places articles onto a bookshelf. Also, awesome choice of pandora station.

  3. Clinton

    Your blog post so far have all been so great. I find myself laughing along with the commentary as I read (which is probably causing people to think I’m crazy). Although, as you said, you only analyzed four pieces, I found the in-depth analysis very interesting. I think it’s really interesting that you picked four different pieces of writing that are so heavily contrasted with each other in genre and/or mode. Even the two blogs are about such completely different topics that they don’t seem even remotely similar. It really shows how many different things writing can be used for, which is weird to think about, but really cool.


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