30 Minutes of Genre Surfing

I did not began this exercise very excited or enthusiastic. Ten minutes into the assignment, I was already tired of searching for different  examples of writing in the internet and wanted to cut my thirty minutes really short; however, I closed my laptop and thought of a different approach to the assignment. Sitting at my kitchen table I scanned my environment and found tons of different examples, types, and genres of writing. Using this approach, the exercise became a fun and entertaining challenge. It was sort of a race against time to find as much cool stuff with words on it that I could! The list below is a somewhat lengthy (not really) list of writings found in my current environment and on the internet:



  1. Seventh Generation Natural Dish Liquid – not an ordinary bottle of dish liquid. This bottle brags about how beneficial it is for its users, the environment, and how powerful it is on those tough grease stains.


  1. Froot Loops cereal box – covered in exciting nutritional information, ingredients, vitamins and minerals, and the distributor, for any froot loops lover to go crazy over.
  2. Lipton Pure Green Tea – attractive box,  that not only spills the nutrition facts, but also persuades any cares about their health, drinking tea, or saving the environment to drink it by informing how their “small cup can make a big difference” and by using a simple graph to show the benefits of regularly drinking tea.
  3. Skippy Natural Peanut Butter – not too exciting to look at until you notice the bold “No Need to Stir!” and know that the nutrition facts and “Did You Know?” section about how awesome natural peanut butter is is no longer important because you’ve finally found peanut butter that you don’t even need to stir!


  1. Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet by Gail Grant – a title strong enough to put any non-dancer or someone who could care less about ballet to sleep; however, this book is like the Holy Grail to any dedicated or aspiring ballet dancers. Full of terms, illustrations, and a pronunciation guide, this book is a dancer’s informative ballet dictionary.


  1. Refrigerator magnets – inspirational, self-made reminders, located in a great location to remind myself to “Build a diverse team of self-driving, creative, innovative people” every time I build a diverse turkey sandwich. Very motivational.

fridge 2


  1. Proper Care and Feeding of a Water Disposal – very boring title, and conveniently posted on the inside of a cabinet that I don’t even use! Gives instructions and the do’s and don’t’s on how to use and trouble shoot a garbage disposal.




Social Media:

  1. Poorly Drawn Lines – funny “webcomic” on Tumblr. An ideal resource of giggles and laughs for that guy or gal who loves their comics and their blogs.
  2. Kanye on Having More Kids (comments) – over 800 funny, harsh, and fan-girlish responses to a YouTube video of Kanye West on the Ellen DeGeneres show talking about that married and father life. If you’re a West fan interested in what others have to say about the guy then you’ll probably have a field day in these comments. Or, if you just want a nice laugh, then you’ll probably enjoy them too. You’re welcome!


  1. CTools -My Workspace – the University of Michigan’s student most visited site. Contains upcoming campus events, and information on your personal workspace and proves that most of the irrelevant tabs on the left are actually relevant.
  2. U-M Library  – not too exciting, but the student’s guide and savior to completing research papers and projects. The homepage contains ton of helpful information about frequently used databases, upcoming events, random announcements, and the BEST resource on the entire site: the “Ask a Librarian” section.


  1. Work it by Missy Elliot lyrics – whenever you love a song so much that you HAVE to be able to recite the lyrics verbatim, or if you just wanna verify that Missy Elliot did in fact say that if you got a big a**, let her search it then  lyrics.com is where you’ll find yourself. Great for music fans and people searching for Drake lyrics to quote.


A lot of different genres and modes of writing can be found in thirty minutes.. Most of which you interact with every day and is right in front of you!

3 thoughts to “30 Minutes of Genre Surfing”

  1. I also found the Internet far too overwhelming and instead chose to search for different types of writing in everyday places. I was also surprised by the sheer magnitude of writing we interact with that is right in front of our face, but often goes unnoticed. I especially enjoyed your description of the various types of foods around your house. Your writing was very sarcastic and humorous and it’s clear you have a solid grasp on the fact that marketers often stretch the truth in order to appeal to their intended audience.

  2. I laughed aloud at the first paragraph – I understand that feeling! I appreciate your honesty and also the little joys you were able to find in searching for genres around you. Great job with including pictures to break up the writing! That was one of the largest things that jumped out at me, and I enjoyed being able to see the actual examples at which you were looking. (That, and the “ask a librarian” section! I’m going to have to start utilizing that!)

  3. Chriss,

    I like that you did this in your kitchen, a very unusual and unexpected place to look for pieces of writing. Your format is also great for a blog post–it’s the perfect amount before a reader starts to get bored. Also I love that you always include pictures–a very key element to blogging. I’m always forgetting to include other modes.


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