A House Fire No More

After reading Rebecca Solnit’s piece, “By The Way, Your Home is on Fire” our class discussed the inadequacy of her analogy.  To be specific, Professor McDaniel stated three aspects about the house fire which did not sum up correctly to the radical climate changes of which she was actually trying to refer to.

1. By saying “Your Home” it makes it sound like it is just the reader’s home, when in reality it is everyone’s home that is in trouble, i.e. Earth

2. When your home is on fire, you can (hopefully) walk out of it safely, when that is not a possibility on Earth

3. We do not know what caused the home to catch fire, but it is partially your fault that Earth is “on fire”.

We were assigned with the task of coming up with a new, applicable analogy to replace Rebecca Solnit’s. In class, we broke up into smaller groups and began working on this task. My group, unsuccessful, focused on the first aspect – that we are all together in the same home.  After I got home from class, however, I started re-thinking the entire thing. Climate change happened very slowly, over time. We did it to ourselves, all together. And now most of us are complaining about it, while very few of us are actually doing something about it. There are no real quick fixes, only some long-term ones that take commitment and time. To me, this actually sounds like Obesity.

Maybe that sounds a little strange at first – comparing climate change to obesity, but if you take a second to think about it, it makes sense.  You did it to yourself, no one really forced you to eat that extra piece of chocolate cake at your sisters graduation party, but you did. It happened slowly, gradually over time. And now, even though its our fault, for having all the McDonalds, BurgerFi’s, etc., etc. etc., we are all looking for quick fixes when there really isn’t one. We have to just suck it up and go to the gym. Commitment and time. Or we can keep eating and eating until our bodies can’t take the extra weight and fail to work properly.

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