Blog Post #2: Repurposing Ideas

I am excited for all the ideas my partner gave me in order to repurpose what was originally a research paper on the prevalence of eating disorders on college campuses. Some of the ideas she gave me included: remodeling the structure of the paper to expand the audience to the general population, keep some of the statistics and facts, but also balance those with some personal/opinion- based ideas, and to reinstate the tone as something more informal.

This research paper was one of great interest to me. I have a lot of personal connections to those who suffer from eating disorders (ED). I have wanted to become a voice and advocate for ED awareness so I enjoy writing about the topic in hopes of spreading awareness.

As a coordinator of this year’s NEDA walk fundraiser, I was thinking I could tie the awareness aspect into the repurposing of this piece by gathering personal narratives and weaving them into the research based statistics almost creating a cross genre of academic concepts with real life stories to enhance the facts as reality. In order to expand the audience, beyond just those interested in the research portion, including personal stories could intrigue many others, maybe who hadn’t even considered reading about a topic such as ED before. One idea I had to restructure this research paper, was to reformat it as a newspaper article, and quote people directly and then that automatically broadens the audience by making the content accessible and easy to read.

One concept my partner suggested that I was unsure of implementing would be using my own person opinions. I think I would much rather structure the article as a piece of journalism with real life accounts and facts than to interject my own opinions into the mix.

Another idea my partner had was to expand the information beyond anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa, which is what the original piece focused on. She suggested to mention binge eating disorder and eating disorder not otherwise specified. I think it would be important to report about all eating disorders in the repurposing of the original.

I think my partner made these choices because I had mentioned that the original piece was academic and formal as a research paper should be. I think my main goal will be to make the writing less formal and more personable, and take a journalism approach to restructuring and formatting the old and new information I gather into a cross-genre article.


2 thoughts to “Blog Post #2: Repurposing Ideas”

  1. Wow! Alison this is awesome! I think that bringing light to eating disorders, in a place where they often go unnoticed, is an amazing idea. As a narrative writer myself, I love the idea of turning information into a story. That will not only catch more reader attention, but also bring a relatable aspect to the piece (if you choose to run with a conversational type of tone). I’m really excited to see where you’re going to take this! I’d love to get a look at the original and finished products! This may be a great chance to tie your awesome poetry skills into a riveting slam session or a collection of sorts. Best of luck!

  2. Allie,
    I think you can do a lot with this piece, and I think it will ultimately be a really important piece of writing. I know I spoke with you about ideas in class, but you have so much you can do with this which is exciting! I know you were interesting in doing a news story layout, and even mimic the appearance of the paper and such, which I think will be extremely effective in presenting this as newsworthy information. Since you have personal connections, you have a unique opportunity to allow for others voices and stories to be shared. I agree that while bringing in your own opinions may work, it may sound more professional in the format you’re tackling to cover the story as an outsider, simply with a passion for what you’re writing about. I’m excited for this piece!

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