Blog Post Two: (re)purposeful changes

Perusing my scrap of notebook paper where I cryptically scribbled notes based on my partners suggestions I realized two things:

1 . That my partner is very creative and was miraculously able to come up with a lot of interesting ideas

2. That I don’t want to use any of those ideas*

Although her ideas were interesting and innovative, after reflecting upon the exercise I realize that my topic was not any of those things to me. My partner was able to brainstorm some very excellent ideas which DID help me a lot by making me realize that the piece I picked to repurpose did not inspire me. AT ALL. The piece I originally chose was about expiration dates and food waste, one that I wrote for a class last semester. It was a great class, and I also think I did a good job with the paper. However, being part of the Sustainable Food Systems Minor I have spent a great portion of my college career writing about sustainability and frankly, I need a change. Therefore, I have changed my piece to repurpose to be a research summary I wrote about spices in the Middle Ages. I feel significantly more inspired and excited for the project already (phew). I am thinking I want to make a cookbook style article that includes both history and a Medieval recipe. Let me know if you have any other ideas!

*Ps: Sorry to my partner. It’s not you, it’s me.

One thought to “Blog Post Two: (re)purposeful changes”

  1. Julia,
    Its good that you didn’t just take your partner’s advice if you didn’t think it was going to fit what you wanted to do. It’s better to do something that you’ll enjoy doing rather than feel forced for the rest of the semester. So go you. Also your cookbook style thing sounds cool considering I know nothing about Medieval history but do, in fact, like food. I’m excited to see how it comes out!


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