Every Kind of Reading in 30 Minutes

Well, that was exhausting.

Who knew how many different genres of writing would be present in just 30 minutes of my day?

In just a half-hour, I encountered all but not limited to:

-emails (ctools notifications, rowing team threads (most of which are not actually about rowing), Dominos coupons, and a receipt for the milkshake I ordered from Tio’s last night)

-blogs (my own, a photography blog, and some makeup tutorial that I’m sure to slaughter)

-recipes (chicken alfredo…which was on point…leftovers available upon request)

-song lyrics (As Much As I Ever Could by City and Colour)

-text messages (from my mom, best friend, and this dude who will probably stand me up)

-articles (6 Yoga Poses to Improve Sleep, Why Can’t I Sleep?, Sleeping in College….can you tell I’m having trouble sleeping? The struggle is real.)

I honestly didn’t know that I could stumble upon so many different types of writing, or in my case reading, in such a short period of time. It reminds me of last week, in my Communications 122 class, when my friend pointed out to me that our professor says “um” a lot. Now, I can’t stop paying attention to how many times he says “um”. 618 times in the last lecture we had. But it’s the same with this assignment. Now that I realize how many types and times writing occurs in my daily life, I can’t let it go.

Now writing, in every form, is evident in everything around me.

But about the genres. I was able to tackle five different genres within 30 minutes, which doesn’t even seem like a whole lot when compared to my insane multi-tasking skills and distracted brain. Below I have simple lists for each category or genre that I dealt with.

Emails: memo format, 3 of the 5 were formal (being advertisements/automatic notifications) while the other 2 were very informal, short sentences with clear subjects, audience…adults?

Blogs: longer but still concise ideas, organized chronologically, multimodal (including links and photos), audience…young adult

Recipes: organized neatly with precise instructions, comments, and suggestions, ordered by what steps should be taken (numerically), easy to follow, audience…someone who is interested in cooking a kick ass alfredo sauce, so probably adults

Song Lyrics: very simple set up, organized by exact line presentation in the song, outer edge of page displayed “People who listened to City and Colour also listened to…”, audience…acoustic music lovers/City and Colour fans

Text Messages: very informal, short, multimodal (involved pictures and/or GIFs), audience…me

Articles: very similar to blog format, longer, conversational or instructional tone, outer edge of page includes ads related to articles (sleeping pills, tea, or yoga videos), organized by importance…important facts are point out early and repeated often, audience…college students or insomniacs

It was interesting to see how some genres related or differed from each other. For example, articles and blogs differed when it came to tone, but articles and song lyrics were similarly formatted in terms of surrounding links. Overall, writing is everywhere and we can’t escape it. But I’m fine with that.

Kate out.

2 thoughts to “Every Kind of Reading in 30 Minutes”

  1. Hi Kate,

    I really enjoyed reading your post. You had some really great ideas I hadn’t even thought of as writing before such as text messages and recipes. I probably haven’t thought of those before as writing due to my lack of cooking skills or my horrendous spelled text messages. Those were both really interesting ideas of different genres and different modes.

    I also mentioned song lyrics as a form of writing in my post as well. I think song lyrics can be broken up into such important and beautifully thought out words made special by the art of music.

    Overall I enjoyed reading this post and you had some really fantastic points.


  2. Hi Kate,
    I really loved this post! I was thinking a lot of the same things when looking at different genres of writing myself, and now it’s difficult not to notice everything around me. From text messages to recipes, there are so many different forms of writing that we simply glance over in everyday life. By the way, that children alfredo sounds amazing right now. I really liked how you brought up the multi-modal genre of text messages, because that is something I’ve never really noticed before. I constantly am sending pictures, videos, and GIFs to my friends, yet don’t necessarily realize I’m engaging in a multi-modal range of communication–so that’s definitely an interesting example to think about. Great job!

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