Implicit vs Explicit Relationship with Audience

For the in-class assignment, we wrote about our re-purposed essays while experimenting with explicitly and implicitly addressing the audience. The essay I’ve chosen to re-purpose is an article I wrote about an undocumented immigrant and her journey to the United States. In this assignment, I found that being able to address the audience directly allowed me to be more personal with my language. For example I stated that I would “use my writing to demonstrate that you are not alone in your struggle,” addressing other undocumented immigrants, an audience I wish to include in my re-purposed version.

In the next paragraph, I was required to instead maintain an implicit relationship with the audience. I found that this type of writing lacked the emotion that fueled the first paragraph. I stated that by publishing individual stories, “questions can be answered, relationships formed, and disputes settled.” My experience with academic writing seemed to make this approach easier, however, I preferred the sense of familiarity that I was able to communicate through establishing an explicit relationship with my audience.

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