List of Different Types of Writing Seen in 30 Minutes

1. The TV: This kinda diverges into to subcategories which then diverge into a million sub-subcategories. So the first would be the TV Show itself, which is a form of entertainment. Beyond that you can have different genres of TV shows that appeal to a wide variety of audiences. The show I was watching was Scandal which would probably appeal to women above the age of 20. The second thing is COMMERCIALS. There are a wide variety of these as well that are also trying to attract a specific audience. For example the commercial I kept seeing applies only to people who have to do their taxes.

2. The Internet: Emails-personal and business communication, Ctools-a resource for school, at my fingertips, the list goes on and on. Again we see advertising here, tailored to our browsing history (Quit reminding me about the beautiful bag that is out of my price rage!!)

3. My Phone: Text messages-personal communication, Snapchat-a very different animal it sends pictures to my friends, let alone a bunch of other apps.

4. Books: there are textbooks and fun books. All of different subjects and genres.

5. Notebooks: have my school notes, to do lists and scribbles.

5. Journal: Personal musings and reflections.

6. Calendar: my list of events for the rest of eternity

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  1. Alex,

    Very interesting that you chose television as one of your genres of writing. Many commercials and shows do use words as part of their advertisement to add emphasis to how much they want your money. I also think that it was very cool of you to mention your cell phone–a tool that I use EVERYday and did not even think to consider an example of writing when it is probably one of the largest! How conscious of you!

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