Project Re-Purposing Proposal Ideas

So, I’ve kind of procrastinated on this post. This project is still both daunting and overwhelming to me at this point, and, while I’m sure it will be under control as soon as I settle concretely on an idea, I get in over my head every time I sit down to write this.

Therefore! I have pared down my ideas as much as I possibly can at this point, but that doesn’t mean I’m not still open minded to something new and amazing if I think of something or someone suggests something lovely. Here are my current thoughts on the two main directions I’m considering.

  1. Source material: Facebook story
    • Post told the story of trying to make a brownie in the microwave in my dorm, except it goes badly. Like, super badly. It turned into gum or something. IDK.
    • Re-purposing ideas:
      • Write personal narrative
        • Not super different from how it currently is, but I could certainly extrapolate and add in other stories of my incompetence (I have a lot)
      • Live tweet the purpose
        • Offers interesting comparison of how Facebook entries and tweets differ in format, style, and content.
      • A recipe and/or cooking show
        • This might be my favorite
        • Lots of directions I can go with this that still stays true to the original material while changing it in interesting ways.
          • Like, I think it’s great and the audience/producer/editor doesn’t.
      • Cooking blog
        • Can definitely tie into above idea, or the first one about a story
        • Could be about learning to cook (and failing) or be existential and philosophical (why bother learning to cook? Everything ends. Also, the microwave represents my soul and the brownie is my life).
  2. Source material: Essay about how useless Dr. Frankenstein was.
    • Thesis was that the boats in the story were twice as useful as he was.
    • Re-purposing ideas:
      • Live tweet how useless he is
        • from perspective of him or another character (fiance or monster probably)
      • Poster about “How not to Be the Worst”
        • The world needs this

My main concerns right now are whether or not my ideas are going to be pushing me hard enough as a writer. Maybe it’s just because these sound like fun to write rather than tiring that I feel this way? I’m not sure though. It’s not as though they lack merit; I could definitely see myself managing social media for a company or writing about food.

What do you guys think?

2 thoughts to “Project Re-Purposing Proposal Ideas”

  1. Sarah! I knew you’d have something good to bring to the table. I think that the brownie story would be so great and funny. I’m for sure in favor of a live-tweeting type of thing. I think that would so hilarious and maybe a good opportunity to expand a new genre of writing. I also think that a recipe with directions could be kind of fun! Then, for your third project, you could make a cooking-show-gone-wrong YouTube video. Too funny! Great ideas!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I really like the idea on repurposing a Facebook post. That is so original and creative. I think the idea that seemed the best would be to create a recipe. You could do a reverse sort of satire and call it “How to Not Make a Brownie” and for your final project maybe do a collection of how not to do something recipes. It could be a reverse cookbook. I’m not sure if that made any sense.

    One question I had was what would your ultimate purpose be? Just curious as if you had thought of a concrete purpose just because sometimes starting there is a way to make sure you are passionate about your topic.

    This is a really fun idea and I am excited to see what the final product will be!

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