Repurposing proposal

After meeting with my partner, I had a much better idea of the direction I wanted to take with my repurposing project. I was bouncing between three different pieces: a formal essay about property ownership rights under the U.S. Constitution, a quasi-narrative piece about religion, and a writing project I had done in the 2nd grade. Each piece was unique in the genre. The piece from my childhood was creative fiction, the religious piece was guided through a narrative voice, and the constitutional essay was strictly research driven/argumentative.

For the essay from 2nd grade, my partner suggested writing another fictive piece with more sophisticated writing techniques. I enjoyed this idea, but I didn’t really have that gut feeling that produces quality, sincere work. If I would’ve gone this route, I probably would have developed the simple themes from the original piece, and created a more comprehensive storyline.

The narrative essay about religion was very appealing to me. My partner suggested flipping my argumentative stance on the essay, arguing from the other point of view. She also offered good advice pertaining to the style. She thought a narrative essay driven by research would be a compelling and interesting way to liven up the original piece. I decided not to use this essay, but the advice from my partner carries over to the piece I’ve decided to repurpose.

I have chosen to repurpose my essay about property rights. Shelley inspired the direction I am taking by asking me, “What is the conversation you want to join?” I have recently become concerned with the disparity of wealth/income distribution in America. I thought this new interest, coupled with my original essay and the repurposing project, was a destining of sorts. My last essay argued for a conventional right to property in the United States. For my repurposing, I plan on exploring the wealth inequality in the U.S., driven by a narrative voice and supported by research. I have a strong interest in this topic, and an enthusiasm that will make for a productive and compelling essay.

The conversation with my partner sparked a deeper level of thought towards this project. It was productive, helpful, and guided me towards this concept. For a lack of better words, I pretty pumped up to do this.

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  1. Clinton

    Since you still seemed pretty on the fence when we talked in class, I was really interested to see which idea you chose for your repurposing project. I’m glad that you picked something that you seem very passionate about. In my experiences, passion-fueled writing can be some of the best, because you actually care about the issue, instead of writing some boring essay on an assigned topic. I think the conversation about wealth inequality is such an important thing that is happening right now, so I’m sure you won’t have a hard time finding research, but I think adding the narrative voice is what is going to set your piece apart from anyone else writing about the topic. Good luck with your research and writing!


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