Second thoughts on the proposal

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about my capstone proposal.  It might be focusing too much on the general central question of the value of writing science-fiction and abstract concepts of the sort of research, while everything I outline in my production plan is very specific work related to the scifi novel that I’m writing.  Is there any way I can re-work my central question to make it more specific to what I’m doing, or does that defeat the purpose of the capstone project?  Is it supposed to end up being very general?

Also, in the time between submitting my proposal and receiving feedback on it, I have ended up focusing way more on certain concepts within the story I’m writing.  I’ve been writing and thinking a lot about the impact of technological progress on religion, womanhood, and the way humans interact with nature, and how those things intersect in my story.  I’m thinking of re-doing my proposal to center more on that realm of things and less in the general questions of the value of writing scifi.  Of course, that could come back to the original question — the value of writing science fiction is that we are able to conceptualize the social impacts of technological changes before they ever occur.

What do you guys think?  Is this project just navel-gazing?

Mary Gallagher

I'd like to be good at poetry, short stories, and creative nonfiction, but really I'm here to develop the skills to write about politics and world issues

4 thoughts to “Second thoughts on the proposal”

  1. Hi Mary! I kind of had a similar problem earlier on…I wasn’t giving my own perceptions enough space in my proposal. I think that making your proposal more focused on your own experience, you will inevitably be able to draw upon more generalizable themes. Just from reading your post, I’m already interested in your own writing process, the themes you’ve chosen to include in your story, and the inspiration that led you to do so. Based on that, I would definitely suggest re-orienting your proposal to prioritize your own experience and use of themes!

  2. Hi Mary,

    Having read some of your brainstorm writing, I think it’d be helpful to have a sort of ‘big picture’ idea of why sci-fi is important as a way to frame your piece and then focus in on process. What’s interesting about your work is that you’re working through real life concerns but within a completely invented sphere and as you’ve expressed before that’s BECAUSE of sci-fi as a genre. And then there’s the potential to dissect why the things that you’re interested in exploring: technological progress on religion, womanhood, and the way humans interact with nature, lend themselves to or are more effective when viewed sort of at a slant. And then focus in again on process, because process is always interesting. At least to me.

    And to answer your other question, I don’t think this project is too navel gazing. It’s interesting, and especially if you keep it focused on process and how your process is informed by the genre you have chosen to work in it’s also informative.

    1. Thanks Jamie! It seems almost weird to make a production plan now, since I’m chugging along with my content generation and it’s all forming somewhat organically out of each other. Maybe I could have a page # quota to reach, or dates where I should be absolutely finished with my rough drafts of contents and move on to final drafts, and a date where I should be putting them up on the site? Ahhh it’s all getting so close!

  3. Hi Mary, I think you can definitely combine the analysis that you are doing and content creation with the argument of the value of sci-fi writing. I think it would be really difficult to argue the value of sci-fi writing without this. It seems like even in asking this question you came to a possible solution. I also think your project proposal is just a jumping off point, so the things you learned along the way are part of the project, and if you check with Ray I’m sure it would be find to end up with something with a slightly different focus than the proposal.

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