Still Lost

Yes, my re-purposing paper is due tomorrow and I am still lost. Partially because I am struggling to stick to a topic and partially because I am now not only considering a completely new audience, but also the different types of audiences. The paper I have chosen to repurpose was a commentary on the difference between fame and success. As an aspiring actor I wrote this paper trying to explain why success to an actor is not success to a business man. And who this view of success has changed (how the industry is changing). So in a particularly pessimistic state, I decided I had enough insight on the life of an actor to give perspective BFA students a perspective. By this I essentially mean to say I am going to chastise them and tell them “Life dead end: Don’t be an actor. Turn back.”

Just kidding (but really am I?). No just kidding.

However my repurpose could come off this way, which is not what I intend. Though I seem to be talking at this audience because they do not have the same capacity of experience and POV that I have at my ripe age of 21, I want to talk at them in a way that I may invite them to participate in my conversation. So I want to talk at them and to them. I mean after all they are just as insane as I am for even considering a BFA in acting so there is room for an implied dialogue. Oddly, I think the people I am actually talking to are people in my acting class of 2016. People who are in the same experience level as I am and though they may agree they can fully engage in my indulging in my opinion. The people I am talking to may not be my intended audience though, which comes across sort of backwards.

My topic in my original paper is about fame vs. success to an actor, and I intend to take that topic to a new level by attempting to allow potential actors to fully understand that difference before they encounter it for themselves. Even though someone may be told something a million times, often times they cannot fully understand until they are there. This is like falling in love for the first time. How can anyone fully know it without ever having known it for themselves? I am going to attempt to make this as open of a dialogue for any audience member who may encounter it.

But if I am talking at you I will just trick you into thinking I’m not.


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