The Drafting Process

I’m not even sure where to start, which is probably fitting, seeing as that’s also how I started my draft for the repurposing project.  Although I knew exactly where I wanted to go with the paper, I sat down and wasn’t sure how to start.  I thought I wanted to start with the definition of the word sport, since that’s one of the main focuses of my project, but when I looked it up, I found so many different definitions that I couldn’t even decide which one to use, which kind of threw me off, so I decided to take a different approach.

Instead, since I knew that I wanted my project to have different sections making different arguments, I decided to go ahead and just come up with the different sections.  Although I eventually added more, those initial sections were enough to get me started and get my ideas flowing.  I decided that, instead of starting with just one definition of the word sport, I would start with talking about my process in researching the definition- common words found in all of the definitions, etc.  Through this, I also changed my idea a little bit.   Instead of arguing that marching band specifically is a sport, I decided to argue that, while it may not be considered an official sport (underneath the athletic department), it requires the same amount of physicality and skill as sports.  I changed it because there are more elements to marching band than just the sport-like elements and to appeal to a wider audience.  Coming out with a forceful statement, like “marching band is a sport” might seem a bit harsh to audiences who may not be accustomed to marching band.  Saying that it is physically demanding and requires a large amount of skill is much less intimidating.  It also offers a unique perspective, since most other arguments on the subject are very black and white.

From there, I just started writing.  I stated my main argument in one section, then started supporting it.  Since my main focus is the Michigan Marching Band, I decided to go in chronological order, starting with summer conditioning and working through practices and game days.  I started writing each section and, instead of just writing an entire section at a time, I decided to go through and write a little bit in each section, to collect my thoughts about each before writing one entirely.  At that point, I started to get a little bored and distracted, so I started looking at pictures to put in the piece.  Although it might not have been the most important thing at the time, I claimed that I was still being productive by doing something for the project.  I looked through my own, personal pictures, as well as just searching Google Images.

meh 2

Some of the pictures I found while searching


I’m making progress and am much better off than when I started, but am I done with my first draft?  I’ll let some of my friends answer that for me…

2 thoughts to “The Drafting Process”

  1. Love the gif! Your ending pretty much sums up how I feel about this. There is so much work left to do, but I’m finally chipping away at it. Initially, I could not get anything done. I was freaking out a little bit, because I’ve rarely had this difficulty just getting started. Now I’m rolling along nicely though. I like how you decided to describe the physical part of marching band and how that is comparable to any other challenging sport. I think you should still be somewhat aggressive when you say it is a sport. I think that is how you truly feel, and you should stick to your guns and go for it! I think your narrative stories will help build the argument of marching band being a sport and the reader will view marching band in a new light. Sounds like things are going along smoothly!


  2. Hey Katie,

    I completely sympathize with not knowing where to start. Getting off the ground is often the most difficult part for me. It was interesting reading about your process of going through definitions of the word “sport.” An idea I had when I was reading was: what if you asked a few people to define sport? Collecting a few definitions from people in an interview-style conversation might be interesting because then you can quote the words of other people/athletes to back up your point. Just an idea, but I love where your paper is going! Again, it is obvious in your tone that this is an argument about which you feel strongly. It would be great if your writing captured this passionate fervor alive inside! Keep at it!


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