3 thoughts to “The Dread of the Draft”

  1. Hi Julia,
    This is awesome! I like the scroll and all of the gifs and images you used, especially since you used them to tell a story. I guess right now, maybe part of the problem is that you don’t have a clear enough idea of who your audience is. (I’m struggling with that myself). Obviously, the general population is not going to be interested in a recipe from the Middle Ages, and I rather doubt that accomplishing that feat is even possible. Are you catering to the average home dweller looking for another classic to add to the repertoire? An anthropology, history or culinary student who wants a quick and related break? Your average college student seeking a daring new recipe to try under lease? I think if you picture your audience, it may be easier to figure out what would be interesting to them. I probably fall into the interested history student (I’m taking an English class on the Middle Ages) and I think it would be interesting to maybe set the scene by fictionalizing a scene from medieval life where this recipe plays in. Show the recipe being made or being eaten with the use of characters. (Kind of like how you narrate your blog posts. You could even show yourself getting in the mindset of a medieval person). That’s just one suggestion but I’m sure there are loads more. As for the recipe itself, I would eat it. It sounds way more appealing than that one with the haddock.
    Good Luck!

  2. Julia,
    That scroll was really, really cool, and something that I might look into using for my own repurposing project. In terms of your re-purposing project, I feel like you’re closer than you’re giving yourself credit for. It seems like you’ve already identified the style and genre in which
    you want to create your project, so that will help guide you the rest of the way while you figure out the other details. I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m guessing most people have very little knowledge of the Middle Ages in terms of food, nutrition, or spices, so I think any information that you can give will be both new and interesting. I think working with an audience that is not knowledgable in your topic can work in your favor in this regard, since you’ll have the freedom to try new things. Speaking of trying new things, I would definitely try that recipe, since it is less scary than the first one you had.

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