Thoughts On Repurposing

At first I was really struggling with this assignment. I felt like I had not written anything worth repurposing so far in my college career. I recently listened to a podcast on the Scriptnotes podcast (the podcast talks about writing movie scripts and other things in the industry; it’s a really great podcast) they talked about this book by Megan McArdle in she says that writers are the worst procrastinators. I think this is very true, at least I know it is for me. Writing is a very personal experience people are literally grading (Judging?) something that you put your own creative energy into. Because of this we tend to self-sabotage so we can later say “Oh. I didn’t try that hard, so it’s ok that I got a B.”

So back to the topic of the blog post I feel like I self-sabotage in a lot of school working–waiting until the last minute so I can lie to myself and say that I would have gotten an A if I had really tried. Upon looking at my portfolio of of written school work I didn’t think anything was that strong.

Finally I settle on a 12 page research paper that I had written the previous semester. It was on the inception of the Walt Disney Company. Everyone love Disney…I could make that into something interesting…But what?

My partner and I thought maybe an article or a series of fictional letters. Finally I settled on the idea of using the information in my research paper to make a short screenplay about Walt Disney himself. I’m really excited about this idea and can’t wait to get started!

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