To, at, and about: Who ya talkin’ to?

I actually recently (probably five minutes ago now) decided to change my topic for this re-purposing assignment. I was incredibly bored of the “social media is bad” thing I had going on, so I revisited a few other pieces I’d done in my college career. I pretty much have settled on an assignment I did in my Communications 439 class, in which we were instructed to pick any topic we wanted and talk about the future. I chose to focus on how dancers are using YouTube, and what implications this might have on the future in both individual lives and the dance community as a whole.

The original audience for this piece was non-dancers. I approached it having the notion that my audience knew nothing about dance, YouTube-famous dancers, or the dance community at large. This time around, I think I’d like to direct my point at dancers. The focus will not be on how dancers are using YouTube, but perhaps how dancers should be using YouTube as well as other social media platforms to further their careers. So, here’s who I’m talking to, at, and about:

To: dancers. Specifically, any dancer that wants to dance professionally at some point in their lives, although all dancers at any age can more or less relate to the topic being discussed. The goal of talking “to” someone is to elicit a conversation and involve the other party in a meaningful way. I want to talk to dancers I know and see how they’re using social media sites to their advantage, picking their brains on the do’s and do not’s of the industry.

At: dancers/individuals that are doing it wrong. Talking “at” someone means you’re not intending for them to respond, you’re just sharing your thoughts. Often times, talking at someone can be seen as unpleasant. In my re-purposing assignment, I’m talking at those who believe there’s no advantage to dancers having social media accounts, and those who are going about using them in an inefficient manner.

About: successful social media techniques. These are the success stories. I’m talking about the people who have gained popularity or gotten more jobs and attention because of what they’re putting out on social networking sites. I’m also talking about those who have failed. I’m talking about the people who have tried it and gotten results, while also suggesting techniques based on these accounts.

Always good to change your mind completely the day before the assignment is due, am I right?

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