To v. At v. About – and a (slight) topic change!

I have shifted my focus slightly once again.  After writing for a few hours, I found myself naturally arguing for something I did not intentionally set out to argue – Isn’t interesting when that happens? I decided to follow this gut feeling (writing) and change my topic slightly (the day before the paper is due…). Originally, I had planned to re-purpose an essay I wrote in my English 125 class. Which I am still doing – thank goodness.  This essay discussed the gross over-use of the stereotype “JAP” in modern society. It went into great length of the history of the stereotype, it’s use throughout campus, etc. I even interviewed Jewish and non-Jewish students on campus and used some quotes for evidence. I was planning to re-purpose it by, well, I’m not 100% sure….and I guess that was really the problem.

I began writing a few days ago and it was a mental road block of sorts. Nothing was making any sense whatsoever. Today, I went about it from a different approach. I began writing a letter to friend that has been referred to a as a JAP before, when I know and she knows that she is not one. I discuss this for a while – why has this happened? What are the social ramifications? Etc. etc. I then bring in the point it is up to her to change this stereotype – and is that fair? No. But life is unfair.

I am also planning on writing a second letter, to a JAP who is most definitely a JAP in every sense of the stereotype.  I am going to explain to her from a critical yet empathetic perspective that she is bringing everyone down with her, her actions, her decisions, are not okay.  (This part is still in the works…)

As for who I am writing to, at, and about…

To: I am writing to two direct groups of people – the girls who are constantly thought of through the eyes of this stereotype when they should not be, and the girls who are when they should be.  I want to have a conversation with both groups of girls, not because I feel that I know better, but because I want to learn about both standpoints and because I feel that I can have an influence on both groups.

At: I am not 100% sure who I am talking at – it is not my intention to come off condescendingly at all because I know that will not produce any change – which would be the overall goal.  I would potentially say younger girls who are entering college.

About: I want to talk about the population of students, faculty, etc. who are being influenced by the actions of these women. I want to let them know that they are not going unnoticed by society and they have an impact, regardless if these women see it or not.

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