Whatever you do, don’t pick a petty argument

Is there ever an instance when argument is necessary?

I guess there are instances when arguments are necessary. I think there are certain times when arguing is the only way to explain something to someone, to get a point across, or to change a mind. However, I don’t believe arguing is necessary in every instance.

I think arguing can be better than admitting defeat. Arguing can be better than letting someone disrespect your beliefs.  I sometimes feel like it’s my responsibility to argue with someone. If a person believes a lie, I would be committing some type of disservice by not educating them about the truth.

Is it ever a mistake to argue?

I definitiely think arguing can be a mistake. I’m not proud of this, but I tend to start really petty arguments when I’m tired/hungry/overwhelmed and they never end well and I usually feel guilty for instigating them in the first place.  Just the other day my friend and I argued about whether or not she hates a particular blanket. A blanket. It wasn’t called for.

We eventually had to take a break and sit on opposite ends of the room for a while. I have a problem.

Even though this example is pretty pathetic, it demonstrates why arguing is not always a smart solution to a problem. Sometimes arguing even creates a problem out of something that was fine to begin with. Sometimes it ruins relationships. Sometimes it ruins everything. While it’s not always the case, I think there are times when it’s wisest to shut your mouth and walk away because an argument could do more harm than good.

Can arguments ever be necessary but also a mistake?

Arguments can be necessary and a mistake at the same time. I think it all depends on the manner in which the argument occurs. I feel like arguments become mistakes when they’re conducted disrespectfully or when they’re started at the wrong time. Regardless of the content of the argument, it’s the presentation that matters.

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