A Meditation on Remediation

The main problem I am facing with this project is that my content in its original form is so specific I think it might bore everyone no matter if presented to them in video, audio, or tactile form. It’s a 12-page analysis on my mom’s and grandpa’s political views and what events specific to their generation might have influenced them, attributing these factors to literature we read in the class.

I think I make it a lot more accessible in my repurposing, where I intended it for a much broader audience than my GSI. So, I might have to remediate the repurposed version, if that’s possible.

What I always thought would be cool is a video interview with my family members, but they live in Minnesota so that’s just not feasible.

Another idea I am shamelessly stealing from ideas my classmates were throwing out the other day is something like the ASAP science videos, which incorporate stop-motion and dry-erase boards to explain interesting science concepts.

However, this would require me being able to draw. I have never actually graduated out of stick figures.

A presentation might be interesting, because seeing the trends of how important events impact generational entelechy might be easier visually.

You know what, I’m kind of getting on board with this YouTube video thing. Though my content might be super boring in its 12-page, specific, jargon-riddled, achieving form might be way too dry, videos like ASAP science and live-action ones this one are a great way to make scientific content interesting and accessible to an audience of lay people.

I don’t know how feasible this is, as I don’t have any sort of equipment for that. But as long as we’re just throwing ideas out there…

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