Attention Workers and Activists Alike!





Next Wednesday, April 1st, from 6:30-8:30PM in 3512 Haven Hall a labor coalition composed of members of GEO (GSIs), LEO (profs), and undergraduate workers will ignite meaningful discourse on the current state of workers at this university in order to illuminate the plight of all low-wage workers throughout the country. Our hope is to get people talking. So, spread the word! Plenty of pizza will be provided. All, including those not affiliated with UM, are encouraged to attend!

Also, this April 15th, throughout the midwest, will be a day of mass action in an effort to pressure legislation that would raise the cripplingly low minimum wage to $15/hour–currently considered a “living wage,” i.e., the minimum income required to sustain oneself and one dependent–hence the date, 4/15 (for $15, in case you still don’t see it). On this day, massive protests are expected in Chicago and Detroit. In solidarity, we at UM would like to plan an action and our 4/1 event will serve as an organizing and recruiting venue for said action.

Again, spread the word and get involved! I hope to see y’all on April Fool’s day…

and that’s no joke.

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