Blank Canvas

I feel much better about the looming portfolio project after our last class. We wrote down how our three major pieces for this class connected, then defined certain effects we wanted our portfolio to achieve. This helped me decide how I want my website to look while keeping my three works in mind. I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before, but it wouldn’t make sense to create a website with a “professional” feel while¬†showcasing personal works. In other words, I discovered that I had to align my aesthetics with my content.

I think I’m going to try creating a website that has more of a personal feel – not one that emulates social media or seems too informal, but one where a reader can feel comfortable. This will probably be a difficult task, as my three works will reflect on my specific family. I am up to the challenge, though.

I think the personal can apply to a wide audience, especially after hearing a guest lecture by Franc D’Ambrosio. Mr. D’Ambrosio hold the records for the most performances as the lead role in The Phantom of the Opera. He told my class that he tries to make himself a blank canvas onto which the audience can project their own feelings and experiences. While the Phantom’s journey is a very personal one, he intended to reflect what audiences members had experienced. I hope to achieve this effect in my portfolio. Even though my essays have a personal element to them, I hope to combine them with the aesthetics of my portfolio to create an inclusive environment.

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